GATE Preparation and Aptitude test practice solutions on college web site for unlimited users. (Registered in GeM)

Greetings from Softtech International, Pune.

We are pleased to inform you that our GATE Preparation and Aptitude test software is now registered with GEM (Govt e market place for procurement by Government institutions) .We have developed practice solutions for GATE Preparation for engineering students to practice and prepare for GATE exam.. You may search in Product Category of GEM. Our product details are published as below.


• Name of the software: GATE Preparation and Aptitude test software.

• GEM Catalogue ID is 5116877-20256292545-cat.

• Product id is 8663273-63982766919.

• Title on Market Place Softtech International 1. Digital e-learning software.

• Model name: GATE-Student, Model No.: 00V2-SI-2020-2021.

• Brand approved: Softtech International.


In an effort towards partial fulfilment of strengthening institutions to improve learning outcomes, accreditation effort and employability of graduates we offer you our LAN/web site based practice solutions for GATE Preparation and Aptitude test. We have developed it for all the engineering disciplines except Textile, automobile and Mining.

We will install the GATE preparation and aptitude test program on your web site server. It becomes your asset. Students can practice at home or hostel by logging on to it using their user id and password created by your college IT admin. Students will get unlimited practice in an exam like online environment and also have their performance recorded by pie and bar chart.

The student have to attempt twenty (20) question sets within the time limit as per GATE rules The timer on the screen generates the score automatically and explains the answers to each question after the test when the student clicks on submit .In the process the student knows the practice score, learns and gets ready to face the GATE exam with confidence. There are many model question sets in all disciplines of engineering.

Why our GATE Preparation and Aptitude test practice solutions on college web site /LAN server?

It will serve as a facility and an e- assessment tool that college can provide to their staff and students for practice for GATE Exam and other competitive exams as well. It will be a permanent facility that will enhance the college's in house capability to train students for GATE and other competitive exams. We look forward to your order and assure you our best attention at all times.

Now classes are happening online and students as well as staff and most of professionals in the industry are working from home due to Corona Pandemic. I have kept the pricing very low compared to the order I have received from Uttarakhand technical university. It is our small gesture of offering help to the students and colleges in these difficult times wherein economy has slowed down and income streams of many have lessened to a great extent.

Please do avail the discount and the opportunity to have our GATE Preparation software. We will upgrade it every year. We look forward to a long and fruitful association. Please send your formal enquiry as soon as possible.

SPECIFICATIONS:It is all about giving practice to students for taking exam in a computerized environment for online exams. We are offering unlimited practice to unlimited users of solving question papers on computer connected to college/university LAN server or embedded in web site of your college/university.

Sr. No.FeaturesBenefits
1Number of tests for GATE Practice About 20 years GATE question paper sets, and model question sets in each discipline of engineering
2Unlimited users The student can practice on any computer connected to the server in the college premises/Home/Hostel. If installed on web site or Hostel server then can be accessed at hostel/Home .It is unlimited users for unlimited years.
3Score and timer The student has to attempt question paper within the time limit as per GATE rules. The software generates the score automatically.
4Pie chart (Performance record) The software generates pie chart of student’s attempts and score in various attempts indicating improvement after practice.
5Answers and explanations The software indicates answers and explanations after the end of exam, its helps students to understand the concepts.
6Authentication Modules ADMIN,USER Login /logout, User management time, User PC details, User registration, Department wise Utilization Reports, User wise Login count.
7The utility report shows How many students have used the software between a specific period as required, What are the scores of the students, Number of questions attempted and not attempted and Number of right and wrong answers..., and many such things.
8Latest additions Numerical type questions as per new syllabus. Save Mock Test You can view your mock/GATE Papers after submit. Latest 2021 GATE papers More than 40 GATE Model papers with answers and explanation.
9Adding your own questions Professors can add their own questions. Creating tests for students using data base and also with staff added questions.
10Web links Topic Wise Suggested Online Video Lectures Links.

• Assessment/testing will be based on auto generated scores and answers and Explanations.

• It is One Time Investment for Institute for practice solutions for GATE Preparation and Aptitude test practice software software

• Upgrades are provided for continuous and up to date training.

• Training report of the progress of the student practicing is generated that can be exported to EXCEL and printed.

Since it is on web site our software can be used by

• Your fourth year students from their home by accessing your web site.

• Your third year students from their home by accessing your web site.

• Your alumnus who wants to appear for GATE from their home by accessing your web site.

• Your staff from their home by accessing your web site. All this at no extra cost or recurring cost every year. Payment is one time.

• The practice solutions on your web site and LAN server will be under your control. Your server in charge will give login and user Id to all those who will be using GATE practice software. This will ensure that your student data remains with you.

GATE Practice & Aptitude test software on College LAN /web site server (Specifications)

Key Features of Software

  1. Unlimited Users.
  2. Simple and Attractive Dashboard.
  3. Login Control (Admin, Staff & Student).
  4. One Time Investment for Institute, perpetual license.
  5. Connectivity through LAN (No lnternet Required).
  6. You can upload this software on your website throw public IP.
  7. Student lnformation System (Reports, Graphs).
  8. Student’s Performance Graph & Rank System.
  9. Students and Staff can view all previously submitted GATE & Mock Exams by Students.
  10. Last 20+ years GATE Papers (Latest GATE 2021).
  11. GATE 40+ Mock Tests for Practice.
  12. GATE Subject wise Papers.
  13. Core Engineering Tests.
  14. Competitive Exam Tests.
  15. Staff can send notice massage to students.
  16. Staff can Add their own Questions.
  17. Staff can Create their own Tests.
  18. Topic Wise NPTL video lecture links for student.
  19. Useful for Time [Vlanagement (online exam practice).
  20. Student can ask Question query to Staff during any Exam.
  21. Add linked questions as per GATE 2021 structure.
  22. Numerical Answer Type (NAT) question also Available.
  23. GATE Test Result Meter Window.
  24. You can check Answers and Explanations.
  25. Supporting to Windows or Linux Operating System with basic Configuration.
  26. 24*7 Support.

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