Accreditation of courses have become compulsory. We understand unless accreditation of courses are done new or additional courses cannot be introduced in the institute and also getting funds becomes difficult. It is very necessary to get into outcome based culture as early as possible using our software.

We have an accreditation software for Outcome/Competency Based Education for NBA, accreditation. It covers all the processes including curriculum design, delivery planning, assessment planning, attainment of outcomes and graduate attributes. It generates SAR and required reports for OBE requirements of NBA . Software solutions are designed and time-tested for the implied and non-functional requirements also, like security, scalability and reliability. The software is developed as required by NBA for accreditation.

  • It is a software platform for institutionalizing best practices and delivering Outcome and competency based Education.
  • Dynamic Reports are generated for Core Courses, Target courses for internal and term end assessments by applying weightage.
  • Complexity of calculating student outcome attainment when multiple outcomes are mapped to a question in an assessment is well addressed.
  • Reports within courses, across courses within a term, across terms for a batch and across batches can be generated. Threshold attainment drill down reports including student performance analysis is done.